Photo of the Month

This time dinner with parent at Taman harmoni. Somewhere in Simpang Renggam, near with Econsave.

Yong Tau Fu with Nasi Lemak Ayam. From Kamalia.. Thanks babe

Wuhoooo yang ni paling kejam dalam hidup aku. kikikiki Block orang yang sibuk nak jaga tepi kain aku. Hambekk kau kena block sekali baru puas hati aku. Hmmm x__x

Yeah i think this is most valuable photo. Why? Itsver very very very good for us(women) to followed. I dont say that im good in aurat, but .... blerghh i dont know what to say -.- But, i found this on facebook, immediately i screen shot it. Ngee

What the most annoying? I think, cerita indon one. Most annoying. Plot of story lately same! 

I dont know what the name. But i named it with Bluberry cake because the top decorated  with bluberry. Um sangat sedap!

Lip Ice sheer color. Bought it at Watson!

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